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Thailand cruising notes

(Date of information Dec 2005)



The situation is quite complicated and liable to change hopefully to make it less so. For stays of a month no visa is required. A yacht can stay in Thailand for 6 months; however, if the crew leaves a bond has to left with customs. This may be changed. To be allowed to stay 2 months a visa needs to be obtained in advance, but this would only apply to "passengers" not the skipper who would be granted a 1 month stay in any event.

Most yachts check in (and out) at the "one stop shop" situated at the base of the main pier in Ao Chalong bay Phuket. This is more convenient than going directly to one of the 3 marinas as you would be directed to go back here (in a taxi).  Here can be seen immigration, customs, port authority and local council. Numerous forms need to be filled in plus photocopies of various documents such as the data page of the skippers passport. This can be conveniently done in the kiosk beside the port office. Many yachts island hop from Langkawi. Strictly speaking this is not kosher and one should check in at Satun first but this is up a shallow river for which good charts are not easily available. As long as you don't stop on the mainland no one seems to mind. As far as duty free from Langkawi is concerned if it is declared and not brought ashore customs seem ok.


Sailing directions

See list for Malaysia

Plus "Sail Thailand" 4th ed. 2002. By Dowden and O'Leary who also wrote the "Andaman sea pilot". Thus the info is much the same.



Ko tarutao

1, Ao Sone. This is a long beach with a gently shelving sand bottom. Anchor in 6m quite a long way out. It can be rolly even in NE season.

2, Ao Talo Wao. This is on the west east side but the anchorage is sheltered by small off lying islands. Anchor in 6m north of the jetty. You can take the dinghy to the base of the jetty where there are nice walks.

Ko Phetra

Spectacular anchorage but there is no beach. This anchorage is used by fishing boats and there are huts used by the guardians of the sea swift caves. The anchorage is quite deep at 10m either on the west or SE sides.

There are many fish traps marked by floats and flags all around this island.


Ko Rok Nok/Noi 

This anchorage had the clearest water since the GBR.

The depths shelved very quickly from 40m to 10m by which time you are almost amongst the coral. It is best to pick up a mooring but some are too close to the shore. It is rolly even in the NE season.

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